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anish furniture brand Garde Hvalsøe has created a new space to show off its range of bespoke kitchen and interior designs with a Copenhagen showroom designed in close collaboration with the architect and interior designer David Thulstrup.

Located in a former car assembly garage in central Copenhagen, the space has been transformed into a calm space with a residential feel in a carefully executed blend of intimate and more expansive scales, which showcases the wide range of interior solutions offered by the manufacturer, from walk-in wardrobes and kitchens, to wine rooms and integrated hallway furniture.

Talking about the new showroom, partner and co-owner Søren Lundh Aagaard said: “Having worked with David Thulstrup previously, we knew he would take us in the right direction and create a showroom that underlines the ethos of Garde Hvalsøe. We have aimed for a harmonious space that displays our craftsmanship and the many bespoke possibilities in an inspiring setting.” Almost hidden in a quiet Copenhagen backyard, the new showroom has an understated exterior. But upon entering the space, visitors are immediately taken into the essence of the brand and its emphasis on craftsmanship. An architectural insertion made completely from smoked oak planks functions as an entrance and custom-made wine room, while bespoke loor-to-ceiling shelving units act as room dividers throughout the space. The walls have a white structured surface and all the windows are covered up with white fabric, creating a monolithic and neutral setting.

Thulstrup, who also worked on Garde Hvalsøe’s showroom in Aarhus, Denmark, explained: “My ambition was to create a calm and minimalistic backdrop to highlight the rich Garde Hvalsøe story, products and craft and, at the same time, capture the feeling of home.”

The use of wood, especially prevalent in the entrance design, emphasises the core of the company which is to use high quality materials and traditional craftsmanship to create long-lasting furniture. While showcasing the signature Garde Hvalsøe product range, the new space also features the iconic Lundgaard Tranberg Model in Douglas Fir with a stainless-steel tabletop, a combination where the bright wood strikes a warm contrast to the cool steel surface, creating a contemporary look. Also on display is a new Garde Hvalsøe design, a wall shelving system made of stone with custom-made raw steel shelves.

The showroom is divided into open areas, closed spaces and semi-transparent zones by means of custom-designed space-dividing elements incorporated into the rhythmic structure of the existing columns of the former car assembly garage. The result is that visitors are invited to explore and experience materials, colours, structures and design as they wander from once section to another. Custom pieces include freestanding storage units, a minimalist 12-seater table made of light blue stained ash planks, and metal and stone tables, which all complement a specially curated selection of vintage pieces and new furniture pieces designed by David Thulstrup.

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