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Liz and Mark Warom turned a Tudor farmhouse and its outbuildings into a unique oasis in which to live and work.

When Liz and Mark Warom decided to relocate from Suffolk to Sussex, it really was a whole new beginning for them. ‘When we finally secured this place, all we had was a bed and a TV – but with a period house of our dreams, we were more than happy to start again,’ recalls Liz. 

The couple found this property, which had everything they were looking for, after a year of fruitless househunting while renting in nearby Hove. ‘We fell in love with the fireplaces – there’s one in almost every room, plus the garden was exquisite,’ says Liz. ‘Half an hour after our viewing, we made an offer, which was accepted, but with the purchase price and a planned extension, we had gone way over our budget, so we had to sit tight and just enjoy the empty space for a while.’ In the fullness of time, the couple decided to make a few adjustments. ‘When we bought the house, it had just two bedrooms, so the biggest project was putting a floor above the barn-style sitting room,’ says Mark. ‘This gave us additional bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs, without sacrificing too much height downstairs – it seemed a big and brave step at the time!’ For decor inspiration, the couple drew on ideas they’d seen in hotels abroad, as well as schemes from interiors publications. ‘Several times a year, we treat ourselves to a pile of magazines and store the cuttings on mood boards in a giant artist’s folder,’ Liz explains. These cuttings were particularly useful when they decided to convert the outbuildings to accommodate their company, Temple Spa, which they co-founded in 2000. Liz and Mark clearly appreciate the history of the farmhouse and its original features, but there’s something else about this home. ‘For us, it’s the beautiful spirit of the place we love most,’ Liz says. ‘We set out to make our home a haven of peace for ourselves and our guests, and we entertain all year round. And at Christmas the house is totally magical – I look forward to it so much every year.

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