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Home design gets personal with custom cabinetry.

 Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most utilized areas of the home. Long considered the “heart of the home,” the kitchen functions for meal prep, cooking, entertaining, family gathering, and completing homework. Today’s bathrooms meet more than just the basic needs; they can also be a sanctuary, where a long tub soak can restore peace and harmony. With the increasing demands on these spaces, the need for functional—as well as beautiful—design is a necessity. Custom cabinetry is the perfect solution, providing the ability to create designs that fit each unique space while maximizing storage capacity with personalized flair. Features such as layout and configuration, door style, color, and finish can be tailored to the homeowner’s specific tastes.

 Anna Wilder, owner of DesignLoft, says customizations are only limited by space and budget. The company works with a variety of high-end manufacturers to accommodate every client’s needs at different price points and varying levels of customization. Color and finish are two of the most popular customization options offered to their clients. While each of their cabinet lines features multiple standard colors, custom color matching from any paint sample is available, and finishes come in matte, semigloss, high-gloss, or glazed. One cabinet line even offers a “velvet” finish with a unique texturized feel.

 Securing an expert in the industry who can build on your vision with design experience and high-quality product lines is the most important step in making the space your own. “There are constantly new innovations in the kitchen and bath industry that our designers are always up to date on, as well as the latest trends in color and finish. Continuing education through the National Kitchen & Bath Association is just one way our designers stay informed. Although we focus on kitchens and baths, it is important to note that their knowledge also applies to other rooms where custom cabinetry is used, such as a bar area, laundry, mud, and family rooms,” Wilder says. “I equate it to going to a specialist rather than your general practitioner.” When considering custom cabinetry, the word “custom” literally means made-to-order for a particular client. Homeowners should do their homework, familiarizing themselves with product lines and understanding precisely what they’re getting for the money. “DesignLoft specializes in meeting our customers wherever they are in the process, whether they’re just getting started or are working with a set of plans. We strive always to create a space that gives the client everything they are looking for and functions to meet their family dynamics. Our goal is to truly provide a custom experience and product for our clients.

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