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Doused in shading and example, the London home of de Gournay scion Hannah Cecil Gurney is an adoration letter to her family's inebriating backdrops

The transformative intensity of stylistic theme has never been lost on Hannah Cecil Gurney. As the little girl of de Gournay author Claud Cecil Gurney, she grew up submerged in a universe of magnificent hand-painted backdrop. Be that as it may, never was this reality more clear than when her three-year-old child, George, expressed his first word: "Turtle." It is no occurrence that his lodging is skimming in a virtual aquarium of de Gournay ocean animals, with a tortoise swimming legitimately above. "We'd generally state, 'Hi, Mr. Turtle!' " Gurney imparts to protective pride. "As he's gotten more seasoned, it's kept such a great amount of appeal for him."When the executive of worldwide advertising and advancement for de Gournay and her better half, Eddie Harden—he possesses and oversees Nanhoron, a Welsh home where his family has lived for around 700 years—obtained their home in London's Battersea neighborhood four years back, they were recently hitched and not yet anticipating. "We were originating from a little level to this enormous house," she says, "and the subsequent we moved in, it was this unusual inclination of having every one of these rooms to fill." Ironically, having quite recently invited twins Oscar and Scarlet, "I take a gander at the house now and I'm similar to, 'It's excessively little. Perhaps we should move to the nation.' "Arranged close Battersea Park, the Victorian living arrangement had decent bones however had succumbed to a "peculiar present day remodel," as Gurney puts it. "I could perceive what a stunning shell it was. My better half stated, 'For what reason would you need this when we can complete one that is delightfully up?' But then you're moving into another person's home," she comments distinctly. She persuaded him regarding the potential and spent the following couple of years taking it back to how it had once been—with period-suitable cornices, joinery, and scarf windows. "Since I was so occupied with work and travel, it implied that when I got around to beautifying, we'd lived here long enough that I had a vastly improved comprehension of how I needed it to be set up for our family." That being stated, the remodel was so serious, she jests, "I discovered that I'd never again prefer to be an inside decorator."Not shockingly, Gurney planned pretty much every room from the dividers in. "All moderately new structures," she says. "For me, it's amusing to utilize backdrops that individuals haven't seen such a great amount of." (Coveted for its couture artisanship, de Gournay is profoundly looked for after among top originators and tastemakers, who trust that each paper will be rendered by hand.) An iridescent coral chinoiserie wraps the main room, where the window ornaments have coquettish scalloped edges. For the couple's shower, she picked a paper of pink flamingos to which she included an ombré yellow impact at the top, notwithstanding coating the shower in it. "I was cited some insane cost for marble, and I recall my father saying, 'That is silly. Simply put backdrop inside, coat it, and introduce a glass shower on top.' It makes the room feel a lot greater on the grounds that the shower sort of ends up imperceptible." The family room includes a chocolate-darker chinoiserie on matte rice paper reminiscent of the Coromandel screens in Coco Chanel's Paris loft. "I've constantly adored that paper, and I've seen loads of individuals incline toward it, at that point be hesitant to utilize it, so I chose, 'I'm going to put it up and show that it is so natural to utilize a shading like chocolate darker.' " The main room in the house that wasn't deliberately planned around the backdrop is the nook, or "cozy," as Gurney alludes to it. "I'd for a long while been itching to do a dull red library, so I began with the joinery and everything else came after." De Gournay had as of late settled a hand-weaving studio in Calcutta, where Gurney's dad has a home, and she chose this would be a perfect spot to grandstand the art, picking one of de Gournay's Alessandra Branca structures in a custom colorway of greenish blue, red, and saffron.By the time Gurney got to the subsequent youngsters' room, she'd experienced practically every shade of the rainbow. So a grisaille African scene is rather encompassed with flies of essential accents: cobalt drapes cut with tomato-red pom-poms, canary-yellow confining, and a realistic highly contrasting rug. At that point there's the youngsters' restroom, furnished in a totally bespoke backdrop enlivened by Hyde Park and the Carlyle inn's incredible Bemelmans Bar. It highlights eccentric scenes, for example, squirrels jumping rope, foxes playing soccer, and mice pushing frozen yogurt trucks. "It's totally cute," Gurney coos. "I didn't figure George would be especially inspired by it, yet the day it went up he got back home from school and stated, 'Mummy! Mummy! Come look at my backdrop! I resembled, 'That is what it's about!' It's so beautiful perceiving how exciting it very well may be for a kid. Each time he has a shower, he needs to pretend with the characters and makes me give him frozen yogurt from the truck." She proceeds with a laugh, "So perhaps he's getting down to business for de Gourney one day and not drive tractors."If the way toward choosing and tweaking each divider covering was fastidious, the genuine outfitting of the home would should be portrayed as jumble. Magnificently so. Gurney and Harden filled a vehicle with Georgian treasures—drinks tables, infrequent seats—from Nanhoron. She additionally squeezed bits and weaves from her dad's home in Kent. An antique bed was sawed down to little child size and canvassed in a Dedar stripe, while a model de Gournay neoclassical-style couch was protected from the animal dwellingplace and set in the lounge room. The rest of the gaps were filled in with antique market discovers, which Gurney reupholstered in "clueless textures." ABOVE AN ARABESCATO MARBLE ISLAND COMMANDS THE KITCHEN. ON CABINETRY, CUSTOM MAGENTA SHADE BY PAPERS AND PAINTS; RANGEMASTER RANGE; DE GOURNAY EMBROIDERED SILK WALL COVERING; ANTIQUE BILLIARD TABLE PENDANTS.
It was a great deal of experimentation," she clarifies. "I like reasoning that my home is an accumulation of rejected stuff that I figured out how to revive here and there." Friends appreciate it, as well; the couple engage consistently. Gurney portrays her significant other, the cook in the family, as a "shut-in something contrary to me!" The kitchen, which they extended with the assistance of Simon Smith and Michael Brooke Architects, was planned in a cutting edge open style "so the culinary expert isn't the only one while every one of the visitors are having a ton of fun nearby." Although the children do now and then incline toward the cozy. "Recently we had companions over, disregarded George for 30 minutes viewing a Pixar film, and he found a pen and drew tattoos all over his body." Which prompts the undeniable inquiry: Does she ever stress that his fine art may move to the stunning de Gournay-wrapped dividers? He wouldn't be the first to have a go at them, she says. The day establishment of the backdrop in the kitchen started, the couple went out to supper just to come back to a wrongdoing scene: Their two mutts had bitten off the still unattached corners. "The glue has got sugar in it," demonstrating an overwhelming allurement, Gurney notes. "Extraordinarily, the laborers had the option to fix bits in, and one of the architects covered up it. So now I'm really loose. I've perceived how it can advance." After all, what's another turtle in an ocean of fish?


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