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Make lighting a priority in your home design.

 The cascading fixture in the foyer welcomes guests into your home. That organic chandelier induces lively dinner conversation. Those sleek but subtle spotlights transform your fireplace or artwork into the focal point you imagined. The master bath’s well-placed ceiling lights and wall sconces provide not only a healthy dose of style but also the perfect amount of illumination to help you “face” your day. Of course, we’re talking about lighting, where form and function meet style and sophistication in a single element that can make or break the entire home design. “Unfortunately, lighting is often undervalued by builders and designers, being the last detail considered when, quite frankly, it is the first thing people notice when they walk into your home,” Liza Branch says, owner of Modern Lighting Design Store.   

Lighting is a crucial building block in home design, performing a host of important duties such as providing illumination, creating ambiance, personalizing the decor, and accenting other decorative or architectural features. Because lighting does so much heavy lifting, the selection of fixtures shouldn’t be left to last-minute decisions but approached with careful consideration, keeping the functionality and the homeowner’s tastes at the forefront. “Don’t wait until you’ve blown your budget on flooring, bathroom tile, and plumbing fixtures to think about your lights,” Branch says. After eighteen years in the business, Modern Lighting has helped countless homeowners navigate the often overwhelming world of lighting, offering them timeless pieces to fit every budget. “Frequently, we help customers who have realized their mistake in shopping online. These products often turn out to be overpriced knockoffs and sub-par substitutes that don’t offer the beauty, durability, or functionality of a higher-end piece. They simply won’t stand the test of time,” Branch says. “On top of that, it’s virtually impossible to select the correct sizes and types of lighting needed in your particular space from an internet thumbnail.” This is where the expertise and initial one-onone consultations (offered either on-site or in the showroom) with a local retailer like Modern Lighting is key, enabling clients to see fixtures in person and gauge their size and finish. Branch curates her collection to ensure customers always have peace of mind in their purchasing decisions. The Modern Lighting team regularly travels to lighting shows and maintains a close working relationship with the manufacturers, which enables them to provide quick, responsive, and transparent customer service while remaining on the forefront of the latest trends. Modern Lighting provides the most extensive selection of lighting styles in the Carolinas, with exclusive lines otherwise found only in Atlanta or New York. With more than fifty manufacturers carried, Branch thoughtfully chooses which ones she features in her selection and has eliminated all non-valuedriven lines, so customers can rest assured each product provides top-of-the-line quality. “Our physical footprint may be small, but our selection is vast,” Branch says. “We are constantly putting up new items and styles, and our customers are blown away by the opportunities to discover another favorite piece with each visit.

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