Now Garden Can Flourish Naturally

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With growing awareness of the decline in bee populations around the world, and concerns about using glyphosate-based products, today’s gardeners are reaching less for chemicals and more for organic and natural solutions to maintain their homes and gardens.Engineered and manufactured in France (Europe being a leader in the eradication of harsh chemicals), Hozelock Pure Sprayers have been designed for use with naturally derived pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, fertilisers and homemade solutions.Available in 5L and 2L sizes, the sprayers are trusted equipment that allows you to use chemical-free, natural concentrates, and homemade solutions incorporating white vinegar, baking soda, soap and so on, without the risk of damage or corrosion.Specially formulated rubber seals are resistant to the abrasive and acidic solutions that can be found in some homemade and naturally derived gardening and cleaning products.The sprayers also have a resistant fi breglass lance and nozzles, along with a fi lter suitable for homemade manure infusions, such as worm excretions, and other manure-based substances.Additionally, the 2L Pure Sprayer has a 360-degree function for spraying the undersides of leaves or for home cleaning.


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