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Cosentino’s new line is slim in stature, big on impact.

 Countertops. Walls. Floors. Ceilings. Tabletops. The home’s many surfaces are an integral part of architecture and design, not just for their beauty but also for their functionality. With these surfaces facing the everyday wear-andtear of foot traffic, food prep, and hygiene rituals, it’s important that they also are durable and low maintenance. Cosentino specializes in collaborating with customers to create high-value, innovative surfaces that add beauty and brawn for a variety of applications. Their Silestone, Dekton, Sensa, and Natural Stone lines are the perfect solution for homeowners and designers looking to add style and substance with their surfaces. The Dekton line, available in thicknesses from 4 mm to 30 mm, is created through a sophisticated, innovative process that results in zero porosity and ultra-compaction, making it highly resistant to the elements with the size, lightness, and strength for an array of applications. Available in nearly sixty colors from nine collections, homeowners are sure to find the perfect hue for any home project. “Our amazing countertop and wall cladding products go beyond traditional residential use to also include extended applications such as commercial, cabinetry doors, indoor and outdoor furniture tops, and fire surrounds, to name a few,” Rudi Bruno, general manager of the Charlotte Cosentino Center, says. “Our newest addition, the Dekton Slim line, has brought an even greater depth to our offerings with the highest standards of quality and durability in an ultra-thin construction.” The Dekton Slim’s 4-mm thickness makes it extremely adaptable, offering homeowners and designers an unlimited amount of design implementations from a single product. Because it’s offered in a large, cut-to-size format with slabs measuring up to 126 inches by 56 inches, homeowners will find their surfaces more hygienic because of the need for fewer joints. Currently available in a broad palette of colors from Dekton’s natural and solid collections, homeowners can select surfaces that speak to their home’s personality, ones that blend seamlessly with their aesthetic, or bolder options that inspire conversation. The amount of customization offered by Dekton Slim ensures each application will be a uniquely beautiful and durable choice. Because of its moisture- and stainresistant properties, Dekton Slim is the ideal product for use in bathroom and kitchen applications. In bathrooms, where excessive humidity and exposure to household chemicals are certain, Dekton Slim offers the resilience needed to maintain a healthy, clean, and beautiful space—all with no more maintenance than a soft, wet cloth! Likewise, in the kitchen, where cleanliness and durability are an absolute necessity, Dekton Slim features low porosity and liquid absorption rates as well as a resistance to scratches, stains, and heat damage. “High-traffic and day-to-day use are no match for Dekton Slim. Homeowners love the freedom of being able to live in their home without the burden of high maintenance routines and upkeep,” Bruno says. “An additional advantage touted by our customers is the significant cost savings of going with a product line like Dekton Slim, which, because of its ultra-thin construction, generally results in less quantity of product needed in installations.” And for those looking to spice up other areas in their home, Dekton Slim’s ease of fabrication allows for its innovative use in cabinetry and furniture, featuring doors and tabletops that withstand household traffic and abuse without bumps, scratches, and stains. “With Dekton Slim, our customers’ dreams are limitless,” Bruno says.

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