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Almost forty years since its debut, the TOTO WASHLET toilet system has become a mainstay of lavatories around the world thanks to its pioneering integrated self-cleaning wand, efficient operation, and sleek styling. To celebrate the WASHLET, TOTO Asia Oceania will host a roadshow event from 17 to 23 June at the Waterway Point Main Atrium, Level 1. The event will introduce the latest WASHLET models and educate consumers on the line’s unique hygienic benefits.The event will introduce TOTO’s origins and history, along with the WASHLET’s latest features and functions. A mock-up room demonstrates how TOTO’s expert technicians can quickly install WASHLET models in HDB and BTO settings alike.Along with an opportunity to learn about WASHLET and experience its revolutionary approach to personal hygiene, the event also makes it easier than ever to bring one home. A roadshow exclusive: the most popular WASHLET models will be available at deep discounts. Model TCF6630SP will be available for just S$570, a 60% discount from its usual retail price; other models will start at just S$837, a 40% discount.Since the first WASHLET found a home, more than 50 million units have been sold. Along with introducing visitors to the WASHLET’s proud history, the roadshow event will unveil the next generation of lavatory luxury, the TOTO Neorest NX II.The Neorest makes a compelling statement simply as a piece of furniture. Its soft elliptical contours and tankless profile are inspired by the natural beauty of pebbles shaped by water. The simple elegance of its design belies a wealth of sophisticated features including automatic open/close with automatic flushing, an integrated WASHLET personal cleansing system complete with warm-air dryer, an instantly heated seat, and soft backlighting for night-time use.But the NX II doesn’t stop with a top-flight array of amenities. Its approach to sanitation is built around the Actilight, an integrated UV light that works in concert with electrolysed water and the bowl’s titanium dioxide/zirconium glaze to continuously break down waste particles within the bowl, even when it is not in use. A premist applied while the seat opens prepares the bowl for efficient flushing, and electrolysed water sanitises the bowl after flushing.At USD$13,000, the Neorest NX II may not become the immediate and enduring sensation that WASHLET has proven to be. But as the pinnacle of TOTO’s engineering art, it shows us what lavatories are capable of, and where lavatory technology is headed.For more information, visit

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