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On the Rhine, Danube, Moselle, Main, Rhone, Douro, Seine, Saone or Dutch waterways

Riviera Travel’s award winning river cruises include everything you need for an exceptional experience. Cruise Europe’s most beautiful waterways aboard the finest ships, featuring superb dining on board and spacious suites and cabins many with a French balcony for unrivalled views. Choose from 15 fascinating river cruises that take you to the iconic highlights as well as lesser known gems in destinations  such as Cologne, Trier, Koblenz, Heidelberg, Strasbourg, Basel, Lucerne, Douro  Valley, Vienna, Budapest, Amsterdam, Avignon, Arles, Bruges, Paris or Rouen.

Cruise includes:

- Spacious and beautifully appointed suites or cabins with hotel—style beds, en suite bathrooms and river views
- Exceptional cuisine with full board throughout
- Extensive and fully inclusive touring programmes
- Return flights from a choice of regional airports or standard class reserved seat on Eurostar from London St Pancras
- Return rail connections on selected dates and cruises from over 50 regional stations (supplements may apply)
- The services of our experienced cruise director and concierge

Cruise destination Departure dates Duration From
Amsterdam, Kinderdijk Er the Dutch Bulbfields April 2020 5 days £79999
Enchanting Rhine Er Yuletide Markets Dec 2019 5 days E62999
The Danube's Imperial Cities Er Yuletide Markets Dec 2019 6 days £8499:-
Rhine Cruise to Switzerland up to Oct 2019 0 May to Oct 2020 8 days £1299»
NEWVienna, Bohemia Er Treasures of the Danube July to Sept 2020 8 days £1,599PP
Rhine 8 Moselle up to Oct 2019 E9 April to Oct 2020 8 days £1,299»
Rhine. Strasbourg Er Heidelberg up to Oct 2019 E: April. to Oct 2020 8 days £1,299!
The Blue Danube - Vienna, Budapest B Salzburg up to Oct 2019 b Aprilto Oct 2020 8 days £1.099PP
Burgundy, River Rhéne Er Provence up to Oct 2019 & April to Oct 2020 8 days 5.1.2999?
Bruges, Medieval Flanders. Amsterdam E: the Dutch Bulbfields in April 2019 &April 2020 8 days £1,299PP
The Seine. Paris E: Normandy up to Oct 2019 3 April to Oct 2020 8 days E1399»
The Douro. Porto Ev Saiamanca up to Nov 2019 E1 March to Nov 2020 8 days £1.299PP
Medieval Germany Oct 2019 B May to Sept 2020 8 days £1,599»
Budapest to the Black Sea Sept 2019 Er April to Oc12020 15 days £2,599”
Cruise the Heart of Europe up to Oct 2019 E: April to Oct 2020 15 days £1,999”!


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Istarted chatting with fellow folklore enthusiast Willow Winsham on

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