Athena Minerva Mosaic Tile Collection

Unveiling our Athena Minerva Collection, showcasing delicate pastel hues and an enchanting pebble design crafted from mosaic marble tiles. These tiles blend the elegance of our carefully curated selection of premium marble varieties with the soothing hues of pastel colors, creating a tranquil and stylish ambiance. Perfect for adding a touch of natural beauty to various spaces, whether it's a serene bathroom retreat, a modern kitchen backsplash, or an inviting terrace enclosure. From the pristine shores of Greece Thassos to the golden radiance of Honey Onyx, and from the tranquil hues of Argentina Sky Blue and Azul Cielo to the timeless elegance of Calacatta, our mosaic tile collection traverses a spectrum of premium marbles, each piece a symphony of natural beauty and enduring grace of nature's finest creations.



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